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Thursday, December 18, 2014

S'long Legs

Eighty-Three years ago today internationally famous New York gangster Jack "Legs" Diamond was sent the way of all gangster flesh. Early in the a.m. as the prince of gangsters lay in drunken slumber two guys made there way into his bedroom. Moments later the sugar plums that were dancing in Jack's head had to make away for a number of .38 slugs. Click on Kiki above, she was with him earlier when he was getting blotto.

You can read all about him here.


John DuMond said...

I usually make it a point to walk or drive by 67 Dove St. on the anniversary of Legs's death. Sadly, I missed the opportunity this year, as I was away on business yesterday. The up side is that I got to visit NY's Little Siberia. True to form, it was very cold.

Pat Downey said...

Been awhile since I've been there myself. Would be fun to spend the night on the anniversary.