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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The hole truth and nuttin but the truth

James Marlo had just completed a ten year stretch in Sing Sing in the summer of 1932 and didn't want to go back. Perhaps that's the reason he took the stand and testified against three less than kind gentleman for their bending of the law. After many meetings here at the DGIS Institute we have all concluded that Marlo was probably unhappy when the three men he testified against were acquitted.

No doubt Marlo was of the feeling that the past is the past and let bygones be bygones etc, etc..  But the trio of badmen he took the stand against felt differently. Sometimes words aren't adequate at expressing one's feelings, so, unable to tell Marlo how they felt, the trio showed him by luring him into a car and stabbing him over fifty times with icepicks. After more meetings here at the Institute we feel that Marlo received the message loud and clear.

Assuming he was dead, the gruesome threesome dumped Marlo on some rich guys lawn in Westbury, Long Island. Marlo however was still amongst the living, though with all the holes in his body every time he exhaled it probably sounded like somebody sitting on an accordion. Marlo was brought to the hospital where, unlike his assailants he was able to express himself with words, and was able to identify the trio as his killers before dying.

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