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Monday, March 31, 2014

Out like a lion

Thirty-seven year old Louis Greenberg, who had a long police record and was known as a bookie, was hanging out in an East Village pool hall on this date in 1924. Somebody outside called for him so he and his friend, Max Kanowitz, who was also the proprietor of said pool hall, went outside. Across the street was a taxi. Two men were inside and two men were standing on the running board; all opened fire on the duo. Greenberg dropped dead with a bullet in the head and Kanowitz dropped with a couple of wounds and died en-route to the hospital. Police felt that the killers had intended on just getting Greenberg and that it was Kanowitz bad luck for following him outside. The only motive the cops could come up with was that it was either a bootlegging feud or some more warring between the "Little Augie" gang and the remnants of "Kid Dropper's" gang.

What is this Augie-Dropper feud I speak of? Check out Gangster City.


Anonymous said...

Did Kanowitz's mom remind him not to follow his friends out of a pool hall? Always listen to mother; she knows best.

Pat Downey said...

Some people gotta learn the hard way. I'm sure it was the last time he did it.