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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today's special, murder.

According to the New York Daily News Giuseppi Parrino, who was gunned down 77-years ago today, was involved in “The tile racket”, what exactly the tile racket was I don't know, one would have to assume a contractor/construction something or other. Mob boss Joe Bonanno tells us that he was a victim of the Castellemmarese War.

The details of the killing are thus, three “hard faced men” entered a restaurant called Del Pezzo and took a table. A half hour later Joe Parrino arrived and sat two tables away from the trio. At approximately 6:00pm, while Parrino was dining alone, one of the three “hard faced men” began insulting him and an argument broke out. One of the trio broke up the fight and Parrino went back to his meal. Moments later the peace-maker pulled out a .32 and began firing at the gangster.

The first shot went wild but as Parrino got up to defend himself, the second shot caught him between the eyes. Parrino dropped to the floor and the gunman deposited two more shots into the back of his head. Mission accomplished the killer tossed the gun to the floor and he and his confederates calmly walked out.
Parrino’s brother Sasa was also a victim of the war having been murdered the previous May 30, in Detroit with fellow gangster Gaspar Milazzo. It was after these two murders, Bonanno tells us, that the Castellemmarese gangs fell into line with Maranzano

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