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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday morning mystery

I wonder if the passing gentleman is A) The guy who hung up the "Swinging Corpse" or B) Is a jaded New Yorker laughing off yet another stiff strung up to a street sign?

Having lived in NYC for a number of years I am quite familiar with 5th Ave and 42nd Street so I have to go with B. The reason being that, that intersection is always busy, so I'm sure the killers were seen by numerous passersby who assumed it was simply gangsters taking care of business.

I also wonder if  the deceased was considered a "Swinging Corpse" because A) He was a jazz musician or B) He and his wife...

Though a long shot, the dead guy may have been an obnoxious patron at the NY Public Library which is located at that intersection. Librarians can only take so much.


Alana said...

too funny :)

Pat Downey said...

Thanks. Nice to hear from you.