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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strange, today's not laundry day

Twas eighty-six years ago this morning at 3:00am when a patrolman was walking his beat in Harlem and a large touring car sped past him. Seeing that speeding past patrolmen was a no-no the officer immediately blew his whistle and the car came to a stop. The driver apologized for going fast and was let off with a warning. The end.

Just kidding. It was just the begining. As the officer approached the auto, whistle dangling from his lip like a $0.12 cigar*, one of the car doors opened and what looked like a bundle of laundry was tossed out. The cop ran up as the sedan sped off. What looked like a bundle of laundry turned out to be thirty-four year old Dominick Alvero. He had been shot four times in the head, once in the neck and once in the hip. Thats a total of six bullets for the noncounters.

*artistic license


John DuMond said...

Six bullets in his body, and too much starch in his collar.

Pat Downey said...

Never a good combination.