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Friday, June 29, 2012

Marks X the spot

We now return to the elimination of Waxey Gordon's gang, already in progress. Murray Marks  joined the ranks of the recently deceased on this date back in 1933. Originally from St. Louis Marks was involved in the narcotics side of the Gordon empire. He lived in the same Bronx apartment complex where Joe “The Boss” Masseria’s lieutenants Steve Ferrigno and Al Mineo were cut down by shotguns less than three years earlier during the Castellemarese War.

Marks got his as he exited a bus at the intersection of Pelham Parkway South and White Plains Avenue. As he stepped off a gunman ran up and fired five shots at him. Two bullets found their mark in Marks and proved fatal. The gunman jumped into a waiting sedan and sped off.

A search of the dead man's apartment turned up a pound of opium but more interestingly a search of an abandoned apartment across the courtyard turned up a high-powered rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. Not only did Marks live in the same complex where Mineo and Ferrigno were gunned down but he almost met the exact same fate.


John D. said...

Waxey must have had a tough time recruiting new guys, what with the high mortality rate in his organization.

Pat Downey said...

Actually, being that it was the Depression there were always job applicants. I believe the philosophy was, it's better to be dead with a job then alive and on a bread line...something like that.