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Sunday, January 15, 2012

New beginnings

After a long leisurely midwinter holiday I logged on to the DGIS blog to see what the minions have been up to. It turns out nothing. A couple of days later I rushed over in earnest to find out why there have been no postings.

Turns out there was a revolt of the interns. Seems that the staff was tired of toiling away in ananim...anonimi..without recognition, while I received all the glory from the 32 followers who visit, on average, twice a week. After some careful consideration, I fired them all. Who do they think they are? Big deal, they research and write post. Who doesn't?

I will admit that I should have introduced readers to the core staff that runs the institute. Those able souls who work tirelessly to see that the Institute remains a viable research facility. So without further ado here are some of the important DGIS folks that make it possible for us to exist.

Our VP of finance: Vivian

Our Controller: Velma

Our comptroller: Verna
Events coordinator: Olga

And Mark the IT guy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a top-flight staff you have there. All but Mark the IT guy. He looks like he's just coming off a hard night of Zork.

Pat Downey said...

Yes, the staff is top notch. Mark wanted me to mention that if your pc crashes in the next twelve seconds it wasn't him. 11, 10, 9...