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Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Shot JR?

In Europe, the Guns of August had moved into September, and in New York the guns of September claimed twenty-six year old John Randazzo on this date. The victim was shot and killed while walking in the east village. The only motives were speculative. It's possible that Randazzo was a member of the Goldmine Jimmy Gang, knocked off by the Kenmare Street Gang. Don't like that one? Ok, how about he may have been related to a snitch that was found with twenty-two stab wounds in a saloon in that proximity earlier in the year. (perhaps snitching was in his blood).  If you have any theories on who shot JR let us know.


Anonymous said...

If memory serves, we'll have to wait until the Screen Actors Guild strike is over before we find out who done it. My money is on the sister-in-law.

Pat Downey said...

I suspect it may all have just been a dream, but you may be right.