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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Early birds get the $500 and gold watch

We here at the DGIS institute realize that post have been scarce as of late but it is only because we have been hard at work on the Legs Diamond book. (and had to fire a number of interns; a 30 minute lunch? C'mon how long does it take to eat a sandwich? Floors need to be swept, desk need to be dusted and highballs need to be mixed.)

So please bare with us these next couple of months. Hopefully you will soon be able to slide into a pair of slippers, pack your pipe full of tobacco and sit back and read all about Herr Diamond.

In the meantime....

It was exactly one hundred and ten years ago today in Brooklyn that two men, one about 20-years old the other around 40, walked into the clothing shop of Michael Minisman. The store was at 60 Myrtle Avenue. It was 7:00am when the duo walked in. The younger of the two approached Minisman. "I was in here last week and bought a suit of clothes. You remember me don't you?" The proprietor answered in the affirmative. "Well, I was very pleased with the clothes and have recommended you to my friend here. He wants to buy a suit."

Minisman was obviously tickled by the compliment had happy to have another sale so he started to show the older guy some suits on the tables near the front window. Being rush hour numerous people were walking past the store. Not good for what the duo had planned.

"Haven't you got something nice in rough goods, something like what you sold me?" the younger fellow asked, "You got it off a table in the back part of the store there." he added referring to a part of the store nobody passing the front window could see.

Not realizing he was being set up, Minisman lead the yeggs to the rear portion of the store. As he was reaching for a suit one of the guys bashed him over the head with a black jack. Minisman stumbled and the other guy whapped him across the skull twice more knocking him out.

When the clothier woke up about five minutes later he found his gold watch and five hundred in cash missing. The yeggs were last seen by the storekeeper next door, who was unaware of the crime, calmly boarding a street car.


Alana said...

highballs at the office? What's the pay? I know somebody who's great at running a bookie joint, I see some hugh profits in my looking glass :) Looking forward to meeting Herr Diamond, he and his one time employee have alot of catching up to do.

Pat Downey said...

Pay? That's the problem with interns today, experience isn't enough. Where else can one spend fourteen hours a day gleaning invaluable gangland research and reporting expertise? I even supply the mop-n-glow.

lee dumett said...

hi pat, when little augie orgen was killed he was 33, but his father had jacob orgen age 26 put on his gravestone. because to his dad, he was dead 8 years earlier, when he formed the little augies.

Anonymous said...

Less blog for more books seems like a fair exchange. But the book better be great or you owe us for lost bloggings.

Pat Downey said...

Deal. Provided my mom gets to judge whether or not it's great.