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Thursday, July 22, 2010

G-Men get their man

We leave the safe confines of NYC of yesteryear to bring a special edition of DGIS

On this night in 1973 Warren Oates walked out of a movie theater with Pamela Sue Martin and Phyllis, the trio having just viewed The Hooker Cult Murders, and after taking a few steps G-Men, lead by SAC Lawrence Tierney, came up and began shooting at Oates.

History dictates that special agents Mark Harmon and John Depp were the men who brought the character actor down but gangster enthusiast tend to believe that it was in fact Oklahoma lawmen Scott Peters and Robert Conrad who actually fired the forty-seven fatal shots.

There are some that say Oates didn’t really die that night, that it was an Oates look-a-like and that the actor spent another ten years or so making movies before retiring to Mexico but there is little to support this theory.

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