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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bourdon & Bourbon

Let’s go on a trip, everybody in the wayback machine. I’ll set the coordinates. Time: 2:58 a.m. November 18, 1925. Destination: 65 Seventy Ninth Street Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Ok, hold on.

Ok, here we are, everyone make it? Good. Take a look across the street, that’s where Frank Bourdon lives. On the books he’s a real estate agent but lately he’s been dabbling in bootlegging. More than dabbling really, actually he has about $10,000 worth of hooch in his cellar…ok, now that guy over there creeping up to the house. He knows about the stuff and he wants it. How exactly him and Frank are hooked up who knows? Watch, first he’s gonna go for the side door which is locked….told you. Not very discrete is he, I heard the door rattle all the way over here. Guess who else heard it? Frank’s wife, right now she is sitting up in bed trying to determine if something is going on. Now Mr. Conspicuous is going to shine his flash light into the second story bedroom window to see if anyone is awake. Moron, now Mrs. Bourdon is really on edge, Right now she is wondering if she should wake Frank. Next Mr. Ten Thumbs is gonna try breaking in through the garage….Jeez, did you hear that? I’m surprised the whole neighborhood isn’t awake. Ok Mrs. B is scared and is at this moment waking her husband. Time for the bedroom light to come on. Bingo! Right now Frank is getting his pistol, we’ll see him stick his head out of the window in a second. Aha, there he is! Not quite how I pictured him. Little does he know he’s gonna be dead in four seconds, we get to hear his last words listen ….

“Who is there?”
Wait for the gunshot….

Frank’s about to fall back in the window and collapse next to his wife so take your last look. And that’s that. Frank didn’t realize what a great target he made with the light from his bedroom illuminating the area around him.

Ok, let’s return to the wayback machine. Return coordinates set and


Ah, back home. Now wasn’t that fun…Uh oh, where’s that one guy?


Rose Keefe said...

Way to go, Mr. D!! Now I won't be able to sleep wondering what you'll come up with next....

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