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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stick 'em up

Eighty years ago tonight a Cadillac containing six men drove into the town of Matawan, New Jersey and pulled up in front of the Matawan bank. Five men wearing caps and carrying two pistols each, (thats a total of ten guns for the mathimatically challenged) entered the establishiment just before the doors closed at 8:00pm.

One of the bandits informed the customers and employees that they were there to rob the bank. Assistant cashier Theodore Stickles inturn informed them that they would receive no money. Assistant cashier Theodore Stickles then took a pistol blow to the head and saw things their way.

The patrons and employees were lined up against a wall and guarded by two of the banditti while the other three made a $20,000 withdrawal. Money in a sack, they returned to the waiting Caddy and the gitaway driver done gottem away.

The amazing thing about this bank robbery is not the robbery itself as those were a dime a dozen back then. The amazing thing is that it took place at closing time, 8:00pm on a Saturday. When was the last time a bank was open at those hours? Customer service at its best.

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