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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope you had a pleasant holiday season. I spent the time between Christmas and New Years putting about 700 miles on my car in pursuit of Legs Diamond info. Spent a day in Albany at an archive and didn't remember I only had a donut to eat on the Thru-way on my way out until about 4:00pm. Luckily a local took pity on me and lead me to shelter and victuals. During my excursions I also met a woman whose aunt sold pies to Legs and another whose father used to get candy from him. Hopefully the result of these trips will be between two covers later this year.


John D. said...

The pleasure was all mine, Pat. Feel free to call me anytime you're in the neighborhood. Was your trip to Catskill fruitful?

Pat Downey said...

Trip was fun and I picked up a couple of goodies.