Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

He led them down the streets of town right to the traffic cop

and he only paused a moment when he heard him holler, "Stop"

Twas eighty-two years ago this morning at 3:00am when a patrolman was walking his beat in Harlem and a large touring car sped past him. He immediately blew his whistle and the car came to a stop. As the officer approached the auto the door opened and what looked like a bundle of laundry was tossed out. The cop ran up but Frosty the hitman & co. sped off. What looked like a bundle of laundry turned out to be thirty-four year old Dominick Alvero. He had been shot four times in the head, once in the neck and once in the hip.


John D. said...

One in the hip? Sounds like somebody's marksmanship left something to be desired.

Pat Downey said...

Or, they were afraid he was going to become a zombie and chase them. If you think normal zombies are slow you should see one with a hip wound.