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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diamonds aren't a Noe's best friend

A year and a day after he caught a bullet in the stomach whilst walking on the lower eastside with Little Augie Orgen, Legs Diamond was on the other side of the hit. He had an appointment this morning with Joey Noe & Dutch Schultz to exchange some money for territory. Figuring that Diamond might try to pull some monkey business, Noe was wearing a bullet proof vest while Dutch and possibly a few others took positions in some nearby second story windows. As Noe approached the designated meeting spot a blue Cadillac came speeding up from behind and a guy, Louis Weinberg, opened fire on him. The assassin scored a lucky shot on Noe's body where the vest wasn't covering and the Dutchman's partner went down. Dutch, and any others, in hiding opened fire on the Cadillac, which sped away. One of the bullets from above pierced the roof of the Caddy and killed Weinberg. The car, with the dead man, was ditched on the lower eastside. Noe was taken to the hospital and questioned but kept to the gangster code until dying about a month later.

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