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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thats a wrap for Spanish

Exterior- Second Ave. 4:00pm 89-years ago today. JOHNNY SPANISH approaches a cafe where is WIFE and a FRIEND are waiting for him. Before he has a chance to enter KID DROPPER approaches him.


Hey John got a minute?


Just one, what's up.

As the Dropper begins to speak FOUR HOODLUMS walk up and fan out around him and Spanish. Spanish doesn't pay any mind to it as this is the status quo with guys like them.


Some of the boys and me were thinking.


Well don't think to hard you might hurt yourself.


Thats funny, you always were good for a laugh. I got a joke of my own.


Let's hear it. I always-

BAM! Before Spanish can finish his thought a bullet slams into the back of his head. Dropper and his henchmen casually turn the corner and walk away.


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