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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today marks the 77th anniversary of Joe "the Boss" Masseria getting gun downed in a Coney Island eatery. But since that story has been told hundreds of times we will instead commerate the putting on the spot of 32-year old Tony De Palma who got his this day six years prior to Masseria.

Pedestrians walking along Mulberry Street noticed a man pacing back and forth as if he was waiting for someone. After a time Tony, a former café owner, turned the corner from Hester street and the pacing man ran up, shot him six times in the face and escaped. The shooting also resulted in the wounding of an innocent bystander when a woman walking across the street dropped after a bullet deflected off the sidewalk and hit her in the ankle.

For the story on Joe "the Boss" Masseria check out Gangster City.

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