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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its in the bag

On this date in 1921 Louis D'Amico was killed in what would become a Murder Inc. m.o. in the following decade. He was struck over the head with a heavy object to take the fight out of him then a sash cord was wrapped around his neck, pulled down and tied around his knees. He was then placed in a gunnysack where he strangled himself by flailing about. The killers then loaded him in a car and tossed the sack over a fifteen foot embankment.
The following day two Eastchester farmers were traveling on the same road when they stopped to inspect some discarded car parts. One of them noticed the sack in the ravine and climbed down to investigate. Opening the top they saw Louis's head and this not being something they could sell at market proceeded to call the police.

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